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About Us

Our story begins in 2023, as the name speaks for itself, STREM STARS changed the rules of the game in the world of live broadcasts for players and anime fans, so we were keen to provide all the professional elements to start your own journey in this amazing world.

Therefore, STREM STARS is our way to create a real revolution and shock in the world of live broadcasts, and we have put our full faith in the elements that we offer you that will lead you to the top with ease.


reach professionalism

Our many and varied elements will provide professionalism in different display methods and in all programs used. Don't worry about your success, it's just time.


Go on an exciting adventure

We made sure that you have the best experience in the world of live broadcasting, so we have provided you with many premium items that are ready to use.


Save a lot of time

Our items are many and varied, specially designed for you with all professionalism, in order to save you a lot of time and effort.


Stand out from the crowd

Be the person who distinguishes live broadcast from everyone, so we have provided you with the most effective and beautiful resource

Why Choose Us


Because we’ll make you more money

Our elements will make things easier for you and attract followers from everywhere, so rest assured


Because we care about you and your followers

We have provided a lot of items that your followers can use, because followers are the secret of your success


our goal is to help you and provide you with support

You can always communicate with us at any time, and we can also provide you with special services or solve any problem you face


What People Are
Saying About Ourself

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Thank you for this wonderful site

Daniel Jessen

Finally something worthwhile, thank you

Amelia Cena

Very cool, but we need more resources

Mia dook

Really worth subscribing to, thank you

zombie zone

It made a lot of things easier for me, that's great

Big Show

Everything I need is here. This is great, but can I update the package? Thank you

Michael Sope


Jack Rants

I think it's the best

Black Beard